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Anemometer Golf

Anemometer Golf
  • starting autodiagnosis
  • full programable via RS 232
  • independent signalling and measurement units unit with possibility to merge into a single assembly
  • PCT heater (optional)
  • available with fixing flange

Golf is a device designed to signal, in a visual and/or acoustic way, when one or more wind speed thresholds are exceeded. These thresholds are normally fixed by specific regulations, but they can be modified upon customers’ request.
Golf consists in two separate units, a wind speed measuring unit and a signalling unit: they can be installed separately or as a single unit. The flexibility of the product makes it possible to install both units easily and quickly, whether together or separately.
The wind speed measuring unit is made with top-quality materials and components to ensure maximum service life even under the toughest operating conditions. Installation and anchoring are made easier thanks to standardized boring and universal locking systems.
The signalling unit is modular, so it can include flashing lights with different colours and a siren to meet the most iverse needs. Golf is also equipped with three power relays to interface with/control external units.

Active machine element

Golf can be connected with control systems for the control of the machine. For example to control load swinging and to place the machine in safety threshold, by temporarily eliminating fast movements of the load.


When switched on, Golf checks that all its components are efficient by running in a few instants a test of siren, flashing lights, sensors, etc.

Highest safety standards

Golf has been designed to comply with the strictest safety regulations. Thanks to sophisticated self-test systems it prevents all kinds of failures and malfunctions at all times and under any condition. In case of failure, it warns the operator and places the machine in a passive safety mode. No other component currently available on the market meets this requirement.

  • Power supply: 12 - 24 V AC/DC | 48, 110, 230, 400 V AC
  • Operating temperature: -20°C/+70°C
  • Degree of protection: measuring unit IP 65
  • Maximal wind speed: 150 km/h
  • Service life: >10000 working hours
  • Optical signalization: 3 lights in 3 colors
  • Audible alarm: siren 100 dB(A)
  • 3 programmable intervention thresholds
  • Output: 3 relays NO 250 V AC / 6 A
  • Current output: 4÷20 mA
  • Output for the signalling unit
  • Serial output RS 232
Anemometer Golf
Anemometer Golf
Anemometer Golf

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