Crane seats

Operator’s seat is a comfortable solution for control of cranes, manipulators and other industrial devices and machines. The seat is specially designed to allow each operator to set position of all seat elements to maximize seating comfort. Seating comfortness reduces operator’s tiredness and allow full attention of the operator throughout the work-shift.

Side panels were designed using up-to-date technologies and materials. The shape of panels allows optimal placing of up to 40 control and indicating elements in operator’s field of view.

Up to 4 joysticks with stepless or up to 6 steps movement allow comfortable control of more axis of the machine. For more comfortable control it is possible to build buttons or switches to the joystick’s handle.

Crane seat delivery is a complete „turn-key“ solution. The customer specifies all control and indicating elements online using user friendly web application. After specification and order – the seat is manufactured according to customer’s specification – with elements built-in, wired, ready for installation.


  • full configurable
  • full user customizable
  • mechanical or pneumatic suspension
  • up to 4 joysticks
  • up to 40 control elements
  • display possibility
  • terminals or field bus connection
  • plug & play
  • Delivery term: approx. 4 weeks after order, complete connected, ready to connection and using

Control panels

  • up to 2 joysticks for every panel, up to 20 control elements for every panel
  • side panels in yellow, grey or any colour of RAL palette


  • cable, field bus (Profibus, DeviceNet, Can-OPEN, Ethernet) or wireless


  • Seat rotation, rotation locking, seat tilting, operator’s presence detection, safety belts.
  • Up to 4 joysticks (buttons and/or switches in handle possible), buttons, 2 positions switches, 3 positions switches, key switches, indicating elements, touchscreen display.


  • Power supply: 24V DC (-20%/+15%)
  • Consumption (air compressor): 7 A
  • Consumption (seat heating): 5 A
  • Consumption (control circuit): max. 20 mA / indicating element
  • Nominal contacts current (buttons / joysticks): 2 A
  • Connection: cage clamps, connectors
  • Wires diameter: 0.08-1.5mm²
  • Working temperature: -10°C/+55°C
  • Lifetime – side panels positioning, seat tilting: at least 30000 cycles
  • Lifetime – seat rotation: at least 50000 cycles
  • Side panels material: BayFlex
  • Dimensions: 1130×760×1362 mm
  • Weight (incl. fastening): cca 62 kg
  • Fastening method: fastening holes on the pedestal, diameter 10 mm
  • Markings and homologations: CE
  • Joystick (see Juliet, Hercules or Romeo): max 4 pcs., up to 6 speed or proportional outputs


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