WIC-2402 is a set of CAN-2 receivers for wireless CAN-BUS data transmission.

  • point-to-point mode for transmission between two places
  • point-to-multipoint mode for multi-site transmission
  • support for all CAN-BUS protocols
  • No program setup required. It’s that easy!

Technical limitations of the system
Compared to a wired connection, there is a data transmission delay of 10 ÷ 30 ms during radio transmission. The time is defined as the interval between the receipt of a message from the bus by one receiver and its sending to the bus by the other receiver of the WIC-2402 system. The delay time must be taken into account when designing the system.

Due to limited bandwidth, the WIC-2402 can transmit a maximum of 4 CAN-BUS messages every 20 ms. All other transmission requests in this interval are rejected and the messages are discarded. This limitation must be taken into account when designing the system. Restrictions can be addressed by filtering messages based on user-defined rules.


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