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Анемометр Golf-Easy

Анемометр Golf-Easy
  • meets the requirements of the ITC "MIE-AEM-2" of the Regulations of Lifting and Maintenance Apparatus
  • activating flashing light (amber) and intermittent acoustic signals when the wind speed reaches 50 km/hr
  • activating fixed signals (red light) when this speed reaches 70 km/hr
  • quick installation with several options
  • optional separable measurement and alarm units
  • optional heating of the measurement unit
  • optional serial output RS485
  • optional 2 relay outputs with adjustable switching values
  • external events recorder possibility

Versatile, safe, strong, economic - the new Golf-Easy!

The Golf-Easy anemometric indicator meets the requirements of the ITC "MIE-AEM-2" of the Regulations of Lifting and Maintenance Apparatus, activating flashing light and intermittent acoustic signals when the wind speed reaches 50 km/hr (amber light) and fixed signals when this speed reaches 70 km/hr (red light).
Golf-Easy offer various installation options from the convenience of the magnet system to the versatility of quick fastening adaptable to all surfaces or backing. Thanks to its innovative design, accessibility of these apparatus is easy, quick and safe by means of a simple 2 screws cover fastening.
The quality of the materials used provides the highest visual and acoustic power and reliability. It can even support voltage drops of up to 15 seconds.
The personalization options will enable you to adjust the "autotest" function signals, reset the equipment when a maximum wind speed is detected or to cancel the acoustic signal where necessary (hospitals, residental areas, etc.).
It can also be optionally supplied with an external sensor (heated or unheated), with an 2 relays output, with an serial output for peripherals (display or recorder, etc.).

  • Sensor: optical
  • Measurement range: 0-30 m/s (0-108 km/hr)
  • Indication delay (hysteresis): 5 s WARNING, 2 s ALARM
  • Resolution: 0,06 m/s
  • Horn: dual tone, 110 dB
  • Optical indication: high luminosity LEDs
    Lifetime: 100 mil. cycles
    Warning signal: amber triangle 55 LEDs
    Alarm signal: red circle 98 LEDs
    Frequency of flashes: 1 Hz (60/min)
  • Рабочее напряжение: 48, 115, 230, 400 V AC
  • Рабочая температура: -20°C/+60°C
  • Степень защиты: IP65
  • Размеры: 306×226×170 mm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg (with fastening)
  • Fastening: 4 mm bichromate steel
  • Optional features: fastening by magnets, external sensor with foldable stands, serial output RS485, 2 relays output with switched contacts, personalized speed release configuration, metal sensor, metal and heated sensor

Events recorder (Data Register)

Events recorder store the measured data on the special data card, they can be connected to the PC by the USB.
Is equipped with the display, 3 relays outputs and 8 digital inputs.
To the anemometer is connected via RS485 serial interface.

  • Outputs: 3 switched relays 0,6 A / 125 V AC (v>50 km/hr, v>70 km/hr, full memory indicator)
  • LED display: v>50 km/hr, v>70 km/hr
  • LCD display: 2×16 characters (date, time, instant speed in km/hr, error messages)
  • Inputs: 8 opto-coupled digital inputs, RS485
  • Memory: 64 MB plug-in, estimated capacity: 10 years at 200 readings/day
  • Рабочее напряжение: 48, 115, 230 V AC
  • Рабочая температура: -20°C/+60°C
  • Размеры: 160×125×100 mm
  • Степень защиты: IP20
  • PC software: drivers and communication software, management software (database)
  • Observed and recorded events: up to 7 events (connection | disconnection of recorder power supply, ON | OFF of main contactor the machine, instant speed every hour, v<50 km/hr, v>50 km/hr, v<70 km/hr, v>70 km/hr
Анемометр Golf-Easy
Анемометр Golf-Easy
Анемометр Golf-Easy

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