The ANM1000 is a special variant of the Golf-Easy anemometer. It consists of a separate measuring unit in plastic or metal and a separate display unit with electronics.
The display unit has a three-digit LED display and two alarm relay relays WARNING (50 km/h) and ALARM (70 km/h). The alarm values are adjustable, the unit is mounted on a DIN rail.
The set is supplied with a 20-meter connection cable and a metal holder of the measuring unit.
As an option, the ANM1000 can be supplied with a metal measuring unit or a magnetic holder.


  • meets the requirements of the ITC “MIE-AEM-2” of the Regulations of Lifting and Maintenance Apparatus
  • quick installation with several options
  • optional heating of the measurement unit


  • Sensor: optical
  • Measurement range: 0-30 m/s (0-108 km/hr)
  • Indication delay (hysteresis): 5 s WARNING, 2 s ALARM
  • Resolution: 0,06 m/s
  • Power supply: 48, 115, 230, 400 V AC
  • Operating temperature: -20°C/+60°C
  • Optional features: fastening by magnets, metal sensor, metal and heated sensor


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