Flex EPV – proportional crane control

The Flex EPV radio remote control is designed for proportional control of cranes and other industrial devices.

Flex EPV
Flex EPV

Transmitters with 8 or 12 buttons, receiver with relay, analogue or PWM outputs. See product page for more information.

Flex EPH – radio remote control for mobile hydraulic

The new Flex EPH with 8 or 12 proportional push-buttons is designed for control of hydraulic mobile devices.

Flex EPH
Flex EPH

The Flex EPH radio remote control has a transmitter with 8 or 12 proportional buttons and a rugged receiver with digital, current or PWM outputs. See the Flex EPH page for more information.

New Flex ECO

Do you need a simple and reliable radio remote control for your device?
The new Flex ECO may be the right choice for you.

Vysílače Flex ECO s pryžovým chráničem
Flex ECO transmitters

The radio remote control offers all the basic functions, has a PL-D classification and an excellent price-performance ratio. Transmitters are available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 buttons.

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