Flex 2JB

Versatile joystick radio remote control for your device.
The Flex 2JB excels in reliability, durability, small size and wide customization options.

Key Features

  • Two-way communication between transmitter and receiver with a range of up to 90 m
  • Automatic frequency selection and secure multi-channel FHSS transmission in the 868 MHz band
  • Alternatively 62 fixed, selectable channels in the 868 MHz band
  • PL-D category STOP function
  • Wide range of configuration and customisation options.
  • Option of TANDEM systems with anticollision or Pitch & Catch.
  • Universal replacement transmitter for multiple systems


  • Two joysticks or four linear levers including their combination
  • Seven additional controls – buttons, two or three position switches
  • START and safety STOP buttons
  • Operating time up to 100 hours
  • 4 AA alkaline/rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Battery charging directly in the transmitter, wireless charging option
  • IP66 protection
  • Drop (impact) sensor
  • TAC Card security option
  • 4 indication LEDs (system status | battery/charging | 2 LEDs for button functions)
  • Sticker labels with symbols
  • Weight: 1 kg including batteries


  • Receiver with 1.3 m cable outlet, dimensionally identical to the Flex EX2 or ECO series.
  • Mounted on a bracket mounted on 3 silentblocks.
  • Built-in or external antenna.
  • Wide range of supply voltages.
  • 2 STOP relays, STOP function category PL-D.
  • Relay, analogue or PWM outputs.
  • IP66 protection

2JB variants

Flex 2JB-ERX

Radio control designed for overhead cranes.

  • Left joystick: bridge + cat, 360° 1-2 degrees.
  • Right joystick: lift, 1-2 degrees.
  • Buttons, switches as required.
  • Relay outputs 3A@250 VAC.

Flex 2JB-VRX

Radio remote control with wide range of settings.

  • Transmitter with joysticks or levers.
  • Receiver with relay or analog (voltage | current) outputs.

Flex 2JB-HRX

Radio remote control designed for mobile hydraulic machines and equipment.

  • Transmitter with joysticks or levers.
  • Small, vibration-resistant receiver.
  • IP66 rated.
  • Power supply 12÷24 VDC
  • Digital ON-OFF outputs (1 A @ 12÷24 VDC)
  • PWM outputs 0÷100%, 100 Hz ÷ 1 kHz
  • Current outputs 0÷3 A


Flex 2JB-VRX

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