Basic joystick radio remote control for overhead cranes. MLTX2 transmitters without display are equipped with two three- or five-speed joysticks, one push-button, one toggle ON/OFF (light) and one toggle 1/0/2 or 1/1+2/2 for switching of trolleys.

The IS2 receivers have relay outputs.

Frequency band 2.4 GHz, range is up to 90 m, direct visibility.

The system has been designed for the lowest price and have limited number of relays, not all functions are available. E.g. when all joysticks are set to 3 speeds, the button relay is no longer available. Any change of the settings are possible.

Variants on stock

  • System 1: 3 × 3, ON-OFF switch
  • System 2: 3 × 3 speed, TANDEM