Digital absolute encoders featuring magnetic technology and suitable for reading and transmitting the shaft position to an external system. Single-turn or multi-turn angular transducers, which measure and convert mechanical rotations into scaled electrical signals, suitable for motion control systems to enable angular movement and positioning of a moving machine component. They are used in a variety of industrial sectors, from automation to robotics, from medical to marine, from entertainment to automotive.


  • Compact and flexible, they are designed for easy assembly and wiring together with standard sets of cams or as an alternative to the use of potentiometric transducers.
  • IP protection degree:
    • Egon 36-S and Egon 36-RS are classified IP65, IP67 and IP69K (pending)
    • Egon 36-AL is classified IP42
    • Egon 58-D and Egon 58-V are classified IP65, IP67 and IP69K.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: from -53°C to +80°C, depending on the encoder model.
  • Featuring technopolymer housing and stainless steel AISI 303 shaft.
  • High quality materials and components guarantee long mechanical life, precision and repeat accuracy even in extreme conditions.


  • Featuring protection against input/output over-current and over-voltage and against reverse polarity.
  • Available with clamping flange, interface female connector and adapter coupling (Ø 6-6, Ø 6-8, Ø 6-10).
  • Suitable for installation on Fox, Oscar and Top rotary limit switches and on Hercules joysticks to control multi-revolutions rotors.


  • EGON 36-S
  • EGON 36-RS
  • EGON 36-AL
  • EGON 58-D
  • EGON 58-V


  • Storage ambient temperature: -25°C/+80°C
  • Operational ambient temperature: -25°C/+80°C
  • Protection degree: IP42, IP65, IP67, IP69K (pending)
  • Rated rotation speed: 800 rev./min
  • Maximum rotation speed: up to 1500 rev./min
  • Mechanical life
    • Egon 36-S and 36-RS with shaft > 30×10⁶ revolutions
    • Egon 36-S and 36-RS with shaft contactless: ∞
  • Shaft diameter: from 6 mm to 10 mm
  • Connections
    • Male connector M8 4 PIN
    • Cable clamp M8 with cable
    • Cable with male connector M12 5 PIN
    • Cable with male connector MM12 8 PIN Code A


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