How to check the frequency channel of Flex EX radio

Note: The procedure only applies to Flex EX.

Turn the transmitter off with the power key switch and release the STOP button. Press buttons PB1, PB2, PB3 at the same time, turn on the transmitter on by turning the key switch to the ON and release the buttons.

A series of green and red blinks will appear on the STATUS LED showing the current channel setting. A green blink represents the tens (+10) and a red blink represents the units (+1).
EXAMPLES: 2× green + 5× red= channel No. 25, 6× red= channel No. 06, 3× green = channel No. 30.

The video with the procedure is on our Youtube.

After reading the frequency, you can either change the channel or turn off the transmitter and continue to use it as usual.